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or years. maybe millions of years from now, part of los angeles will be in the bay area. >> for better or worse. >> yes. >> this is a tough question. >> those other ones weren't tough. >> this is a really easy challenge. are the smaller ones less stress? >> yes. the amount released in small earthquakes is that they are so small in you need many of those. >> i think would you probably have to have maybe hundreds of magnitude earthquakes of 4.7. >> so small earthquakes are not making our lives better in the future? >> not anyway that you can count on. >> i have heard that buildings in san francisco are on rollers and isolated? >> it's not true. it's a conventional foundation like almost all the circumstances buildings in san francisco. >> the trans-america was built way before. it's a pretty conventional foundation design. >> i have heard about this thing called the triangle of life and up you are supposed to go to the edge of your bed to save yourself. is there anything of value to that ? >> yes, if you are in your room. you should drop, cover and hold onto something. if you are in sch
to your ticket tears. aditi roy joins us live from los angeles. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, bianna, things are quiet here at l.a.x., this is supposed to be the busiest airport this thanksgiving weekend. with 2 million travelers traveling through. it will be hectic and expensive. the joys of holiday travel. >> first you delay me and then you bump me. >> reporter: immortalized in movies like "planes, trains and automobiles." >> we're going to atlanta. >> reporter: can be far less funny. >> one way to using these checked bags, curbside, they might overlook the fact that your bag is overweight that you have too many bax. >> reporter: the extra fees that you pay to fly, get extra leg room, can add as much as $6 billion for the major u.s. carriers. while you're forking over the extra money for that sandwich, chew on this, the person next to you probably didn't pay the same base price as your ticket. the variations in price were shocking. >> lot of airlines are adding seatback videos and wi-fi. we are paying a bit more for air travel but we're getting a better product. >>
is on the move. winter storm warnings are posed for the mountains northeast of los angeles and a flood watch in the phoenix area. look at the conditions there. the system is expected to head east and reach the atlantic coast by the middle of next week but not before hitting the southwest with rain, snow and wind. in texas, freezing rain is already hampering travel plans. let's get the latest on this storm system from meteorologist leigh glaser. leigh? >> here in the san francisco bay area, not picking up returns at all. delightful day today. let's take you where the storm system is really kicking up all kinds of havoc. a heavy rain moving towards las vegas, southern california, higher elevations you see there, plenty of snow is falling. you'll find snow in flagstaff and phoenix, moderate rain this morning but this system shifting east, folks and look at dallas. yeah, you see the pink? that is freezing rain headed toward s the dallas fort worth area overnight tonight? the planes, a good possibility overnight tonight and tomorrow morning and all of this is going to shift towards the east. sit
of them? abc's aditi roy joins us live from los angeles. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. things are fairly calm here at l.a.x., but this is supposed to be the busiest airport in the country this thanksgiving. there are going to be 2 million passengers traveling through here enter for those travellers, it will be hectic and expensive. oh, the joys of holiday travel. >> first you delay me and then you bump me. i can't wait to see what happens next. >> reporter: immortalized in movies like "planes, trains and automobiles." the reality -- >> we're going to atlanta. >> the bags. >> reporter: -- can be far less funny. >> check your bags, $50. >> one way to avoid the checked bag fee, when you use a sky cap curb side, sometimes they might give you a really good tip. they might overlook the fact that your bag is overweight that you have too many bags. >> reporter: the extra fees that you pay to fly, get extra leg room, can add as much as $6 billion for the major u.s. carriers. while you're forking over the extra money for that sandwich, chew on this -- the person next to
will make stops in seattle, then make appearances in san francisco and los angeles. one of the events will take place at the home of magic johnson. hes trip comes hours after made a rare statement from the white house on the deal reached program, butlear there is mixed reaction to the historic agreement. benjamin netanyahu called a historic mistake. richard reeve has more reaction from u.s. lawmakers. >> it is a historic deal, an agreement that president obama says will make the world safer. >> a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful. agreesr the plan, iran to roll back and freeze its nuclear program, eliminate stockpiles of near grade uranium. after 10 years, an agreement has been reached at this level. >> in exchange, the u.s. and its partners will lift sanctions. kerryary of state john says the deal is not about trust, but verification. >> you don't do this on the basis of somebody's statements to you. you do it on the basis of actions that can be verified. >> the ultimate goal, to permanently cap iran's nuclear program. >> this is hitting the pause
's aditi roy in los angeles. >> reporter: he is one of the last people who saw michael jackson alive. and now, dr. conrad murray, who treated jackson while preparing for his "this is it" tour is speaking out for the first time since being released from prison. murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 for giving the pop super star an overdose of the drug prop foul. he was released just a few weeks ago, serving two years of his four-year ensense. today, murray told australia's "60 minutes" program jackson begged for the drug. >> i did not agree with michael in using such a powerful sedative for sleep. so, what i told michael is that, we have to get you off of the substance. however, i mean, call itdedeal not ideal, michael jackson is not a guy you can just say, stop it." >> reporter: murray spoke with "the daily mail," reveelg shocking new details about jackson. murrays, quote, michael trusted no one. the bed chamber smelled because he did not even let maids in there to clean. there were clothes strewn everywhere. murray also talked about the condition of jackson's body
in the mountains near los angeles forcing drivers to chain up or get off the road. snow is also slowing traffic in and around flagstaff, arizona, where up to eight more inches of snow is predicted this weekend. the snow is being blamed for hundreds of accidents across the region as it moves northeast across the country. for a look at where the storms are headed let's go to meteorologist eric fisher at our boston station wbz. err. >> as we move towards the holiday, travelers in what part of the country should be most worried? >> on the short term this weekend, jim, it's across texas, new mexico, winter storm warning not just for snow but freezing rain that will be coming down. pretty hefty accumulations in the mountains, but it's northwest texas that will really have to watch for the ice on top of that. as we head towards next week, exphnd tuesday, it's the gulf coast, locally heavy rain, especially in the i-10 corridor, airports like atlanta, charlotte, jax sonville, new orleans, expecting those to see delays. then wednesday, the big day, and rain is look likely along the east coast. this could
imprisonment charges. former board member and current los angeles assembly speaker, john perez, released a statement that said quote, these outrageous criminal acts have no place in our society and not on a college campus where we teach tolerance for diversity. >>> a month of a deputy shot and killed a teen holding a replica ak47, a state lawmaker announced new legislation that would regulate imitation firearms. state senator, noreen evans is behind that effort after the death of 13-year-old, andy lopez. under the proposed bill, imitation firearms would have topainted a bright color to distinguish them from real guns. the shooting of the 8th grader prompted a series of protests and rallies statewide. andy's parents filed a wrongful death suit against the county and sheriff deputy involved in the shooting. >>> part of a building collapse around 9:00 this morning in san francisco's neighborhood. fire crews were called to the corner of gary and jones were construction workers were working oen a building when it began to fall apart. fire officials tell us a piece of scaffolding fell inside t
los angeles tonya at kerr of council for the law firm of goldburg loan steen and weather wax. she clerked in the 9th u.s. circuit of appeals. and from providence, rhode island. richard is the author of "defending the filibuster soul of the senate." he intent 34 years as a staff member including 30 years in the u.s. senate. >> i think it is long overdue. let's put rah little bit -- let's give a little context to what the democrats proposed here. and this is precisely the same mechanism that republicans threatened to deploy. in 20006 -- i'm sorry, 2003 when my friend miguel astray da, very conservative, but the democrats filibusters him, a bipartisan group of 14, 14 senates came together and said we are going to stop this process. we are going to let the president's chosen nominees go through, miguel estrada of course withdrew, but what we see in the process it's been common deered by the minority. and i think certainly the constitution does not suggest that 60 votes in the super majority is ryed for presidential judicial nominees. i think the confirmation process has been a microco
to his office and the homeless coalition, there are some cities out there like los angeles, eugene, oregon, and seattle who have programs where they work very closely with the faith community and they have voluntarily set aside some safe parking areas for the houses so they have a safe haven for the vehicles while they are accessing services to transition them into more permanent house and we are in contact with his office and with, graduate program, and usc. and they are very interested in helping us and we have a lot of expertise in evaluating this type of program to see, how effective it is and how it can be implemented we should be hearing from them in the next couple of days of whether or not they would like to take them on. >> and in those situations they are privately owned? >> correct. >> and so our recommendation is continuing to use the rec you lacing and the focus basis concentrate on the areas that have been displaced and the areas that have already have an higher incidence of observed oversight and people park. the areas that we are looking to prioritize our implementa
the acting? >> i think i was a natural to begin with and i studied for a couple of years in los angeles. but that was it. it was a couple of years and that was it. >> okay, after, you had a big devotion to your career, your mother always believed in you. >> yes, she was not a stage mother who interestingly, you know, i drove my. i was just convince that had some day, some how, some way, someone would see the talent in and me and not give me the maiden part, which is what i called those. >> and then you finally met dr. leaguer done and moved here. he was a cardiology gist and you were afraid. >> you know, after the marlin brando thing, ending with the near suicide, i was very skittish, that is the word. and um, i said something that is very telling in the book about myself, bells and whistles did not happen when i was seeing leonard and i always wanted that and i realized luckily just in time before he felt so discouraged that he was going give up on me, that bells and whistles were not a good thing for me. because that is when i would get in trouble with the wrong kind of man. that was
and los angeles. >>> his job was to protect the president. tonight we hear from one of the last surviving secret service agents in dallas the day jfk was assassinated. >>> out with the old, in with the new. how rio is getting ready for the 2016 olympics. >>> thanksgiving a few days away, that means christmas can't be far >> big turnout for a demolition in rio. crews destroyed part of a bridge that connects the city with the suburbs, part of revitalization efforts as rio prepares to host the 2016 olympic games. one of the projects under way to give the city a bit of a facelift before the summer games. >>> we're getting ready for christmas, the capitol christmas tree is making its way to d.c., the 88-foot spruce is selected from a national park in washington state. today that tree made a stop at joint base andrews in prince georges county. it will be in a position 10:00. the season of giving is upon us and nurses at med star georgetown hospital have been collecting food for those in need. volunteers tell us this year they've gotten more canned food donations than ever before. tomorrow, all
,000 because of a social media request. >> can you see me now? >> reporter: william wanted los angeles eye surgeon brian to perform the surgery for a degenerative eye disease. because dr. brian invented a machine and a procedure just for this disease. he has a ten-year track record of successful william's fiance watched nervously nearby during procedures. she did all the research and found dr. brian and william is so glad she did. >> it feels great. i can see everything. i looked around. i saw the doctor that did my surgery. >> reporter: they live in san jose with their five children. william was worried about not being able to watch his kids grow up and provide for them. he is a caregiver for his fiance's disabled brother who has cerebral palsy. he tried fundraising but did not have much successful then his fiance's mother message immediate on facebook asking for help. i single out a tweet and didn't expect anything. that's when a miracle happened. >> i came to know william because of cheryl at abc in san francisco. and she had put out an alert. an anonymous donor contacted us. was very m
los angeles regresa a la normalidad luego de una noche caÓtica les contamos por quÉ. ♪ este domingo en al punto estÁ viva o muerta la reforma migratoria. no estÁ muerta. pero no basta como la queremos nosotros. acusan a repÚblica dominicana, de discriminar a miles de haitianos. >>> si los padres no estaban debidamente documentados no es dominicano. >>> leopoldo lÓpez nos dice como estÁ dividida la oposiciÓn en venezuela. >>> si tÚ dices en el caso de capriles, es el presidente, electo y no sale a buscarlo se equivocÓ ahÍ. yo sÉ manejar la situaciÓn de una manera distinta. >>> janet napolitano se defiende luego de deportar a 2 millones de inmigrantes. >>> 3 millones de personas ciudadanos. y esta es la ley. >>> por quÉ mataron a john f kennedy todo en al punto. no siempre puedo mantener sus calcetines limpios, pero por lo menos puedo ayudar a mantener su ropa interior limpia. gracias, mami. de nada, cariño. [ locutora ] charmin ultra strong es cuatro veces más resistente que la marca barata líder. charmin ultra strong. ♪ charmin >>> la procuradurÍa general de la repÚb
than i think a lot of people imagined. >> reporter: carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> we are not even to thanksgiving. but christmas is in the air. ♪ >> a 60-foot tree was lit at pier 39 tonight as part of a weekend celebration. mickey mouse and friends are in town for the event which continues tomorrow. it also includes performances from local music groups and children can write letters the santa and get them decorated with the help of the postal service. >>> up in the sierra this past week storm combined with some man made snow was enough to get the ski resorts open. heavenly started operations today a day later than it had planned. high winds kept it from opening up yesterday. north star also opened today. kirkwood says conditions are improving and it expects to open any day now. >>> and on the subject of weather, there's not going to be any snow in the near future. nor will there be rain. but in the medium future, yes. let's talk about what's happening now though. it will be a chilly night in the bay area tonight. that's pretty sight at the bay bridge -- at 8:00 ton
drink driving a big problem. >> everybody get down! >> tense moments again at los angeles international airport. the reason two terminals were suddenly evacuated. >>> and new research reveals the key to no only a happy relationship, but a successful one for both partners. the secret happy couples may not even know about. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow if you do something today. and there's never been a better time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants available to those who qualify. and this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th and find your career success in the bay area. visit >>> new at 10:00 new surprising new information on drinking and driving. you might think new year's eve is a night when police are most concerned about drunk-driving. ktvu's debora villalon is live at a dui checkpoint where some drives will get the message the h
from los angeles, the point is -- and the city of sacramento also has done a parking study for all major cities in california a, that recognize the problem and, c, want to find out what they can do. we are not alone. >> increases the likelihood that something could happen if it's going on all over the state. anyone else care to talk on this. >> thank you, chairman nolan, i wanted to express my gratitude to see this kind of coming together of the community, your leadership from the committee, staff i know worked really hard on this. it's been a long time coming and i think it's a great comprehensive approach to a very serious problem that's affecting all of us. the other night i was trying to do a little early christmas shopping, was driving and wanted to stop at the gain skate store on divisadero hp drove around the block 3 times and finally just gave up, took my money home. my wife is saying look on the internet and i'm going but the sales tax. what we should be thinking about making our parking available is making it work for the city. it's not for the mta, it's so people can ge
people to come to san francisco. please remember san francisco and los angeles have the second highest tax percentage behind san antonio. san antonio gives 6 percent of their 15 percent to the arts. san francisco does not, the city just keeps it. if we are going to continue to fleece the people, we should be honest with them how anti-tourist the city has become. option 2 is obvious. none of the people i've heard from alamo square have moved out of alamo square. there was a school, the principal changed his pa system, it was so loud within 3 months we moved. if it was that bad you would just move and i don't think it's that bad. >> berry toronto followed by espinola jackson. >> berry toronto. i first wanted to say thanks for reminding me where full house was filmed. but i want to say whatever option you pick, you should require that the tourists see a few episodes of tales of the city so they can appreciate what it looked like years ago and why it needs to be preserved in that state and you continue to allow the enormous amount of busses to go there you are going to ruin the image t
in new york and from los angeles behavior expert wendy walsh. welcome to both of you. wendy, it's a different kind of stress, right, a special kind of stress, if you will, over the holidays. because you say getting together with relatives is the closest thing we have to a time machine. what did you mean by that? >> exactly. it's because we are just sort of held in our chairs by a centrifugal force which is our early family systems, be they good or be they bad, no matter how old we get, we become the 12-year-old at the table again, and the sibling rivalry stuff comes up again and mom's favorite gets special attention. everything goes back to that early family table. >> i was never mom's favorite. i know exactly what you're talking about. you know, richard, you know, i think a lot of this is about expectations, right? we have all these expectations of what the holiday season's going to bring, and then all of a sudden, it's very hard to meet those. and you say only a fool will go into this thinking everything will be fine. >> wendy's put her finger on it perfectly! you know, sanjay
... >> detroit... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. the stream is uniquely interactive television. in fact, we depend on you, your ideas, your concerns. >> all these folks are making a whole lot of money. >> you are one of the voices of this show. >> i think you've offended everyone with that kathy. >> hold on, there's some room to offend people, i'm here. >> we have a right to know what's in our food and monsanto do not have the right to hide it from us. >> so join the conversation and make it your own. >> watch the stream. >> and join the conversation online @ajamstream. >> from our headquarters in new york, here are the headlines this hour. >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> a deal in the senate may be at hand and just in the nick of time. >> thousands of new yorkers are marching in solidarity. >> we're following multiple developments on syria at this hour. >> every hour from reporters stationed around the world and across the country. >> only on
is punishing the texas panhandle and it appears the east coast is next. miguel almaguer, los angeles. >>> weather channel meteorologist kim cunning hax is tracking the store. what can we expect? >> it will be a mess. we're talking about this storm moving east and we'll look at the east coast. travelers, we want you to be aware of the situation. have alternate plans just in case. let's show you the radar. we're looking at some light precipitation where you see the pink, it is indicating a little sleet. maybe a little light, freezing rain trying to work its way to the ground. still very dry in that area. we expect that to and paneled. if you're in dallas overnight, we're expecting more freezing conditions. temperatures dropping in the 20s. we could see accumulating, maybe sleet. maybe a little freezing rain. your morning commute will be treacherous and likely to see freezing rain as well. anywhere in the purple, that's where travel will be a mess. we'll move east with this. in the southeast, we're too warm. we'll see an all rain event. watch what happens. tuesday during the afternoon h
was transferred. he is serving a life sentence for shooting robert kennedy in los angeles back in 1968. a california corrections officer said the move was a routine one. and the fact that it happened 50 years to the day of jfk's death is a coincidence. >>> two decisions connected to the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary in connecticut. tomorrow, prosecutors are expected to release their final report on the investigation into the shooting that killed 20 first graders and six educators in newtown. also tomorrow, a judge will rule whether the 911 calls made from the school should be released to the public. >>> boeing's new planes could be facing a serious issue, an icing problem with eight models and dreamliners. those specific planes avoid flying near thunderstorms, many which contain ice crystals because it could affect the engine performance. united, japan and air india. >>> this next story is a talker. should airlines allow passengers to talk on their cell phones while in flight? how in-flight calls could impact travel. >> reporter: the hassles of flying. baggage fees, paying for
are in effect. in nevada, heavy rain on the travel and in the air. dozens of accidents were reported around los angeles. aviation officials same flights were affected with incoming planes delayed by up to three hours. >> a metrologist from the weather service called the storm the big kahuna. it's large, causing problems, utah into new mexico. after arizona had flooding. there's a lot of mountain snow and wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour in the sierra nevada, but the storm is moving so slow much it's so slow that now we have a problem overnight throughout the day tomorrow, with freezing rain and ice accumulation expected into texas and oklahoma. temperatures 48 degrees. well, it will be rain there. but you head to denver. you get wet slushy snow around denver. in the colorado rockies, loads of powder in the ski resorts. albur curbingy, you are going to cool auch. showers will turn into snow showers. let's look at the temperatures. 28 for lov. >> c and 42 for dallas. we'll play a game called find the cold front. we head to the north. lincoln 26 degrees right now. you wonder where the arctic fro
'll run for a fourth term. the filing deadline comes up in march, but "the los angeles times" reports on one important clue the governor has been adding to his campaign war chest, which stood at $13 million last july. since then, brown has collected an additional $4.2 million, before expenses. and governor brown typically keeps those expenses down by relying heavily on volunteers and old friends during his campaigns. >>> alameda county voters will once again be asked to approve a sales tax increase, but this time the tax hike would have a time limit. you might remember that voters narrowly rejected a similar proposal last year, measure b-1 missed by just 721 votes. it would have permanently raised the sales tax from a half cent to a full cent to pay for freeway and transit projects. members of the county transportation commission tell our media partner, the bay area news group, they'll try again next november with a tax measure that would expire after 30 years. >>> some changes coming to the post office next year. the cost of a stamp, yep, it is going up again. the one-cent hike will
in march, but "the los angeles times" reports one key clue. the governor has been adding to his campaign war chest, which stood at $13 million last july. since then, brown has collected an additional $4.2 million, before expenses. and governor brown typically keeps those expenses down by relying heavily on volunteers and old friends during his campaigns. >>> alameda county voters will once again be asked to approve a sales tax increase, but this time the tax hike would have a time limit. you might remember that voters narrowly rejected a similar proposal last year, measure b-1 missed by just 721 votes. it would have permanently raised the sales tax from a half cent to a full cent to pay for freeway and transit projects. members of the county transportation commission tell our media partner, the bay area news group, they'll try again next november with a tax measure that would expire after 30 years. >>> some changes coming to the post office next year. the cost of a stamp is going up again. the one-cent hike will kick in on january 26th, making a single first class stamp 47 cents. this is
los angeles. but for the bay area, clouds, cooler conditions and at this point, doesn't look very promising for moisture. but in terms of temperatures today, we are drying out and looking at sunshine everywhere today with low 60s half moon bay. light breeze out there. but mid 60s today. for raiders. nice afternoon to get out and enjoy the weather. 65 in san jose. warmer in the north bay. and if you want to go to the tree lighting, once again tonight at pier 39, temperatures dropping through the 60s from the afternoon to upper 50s. >> accu weather seven-day forecast shows us temperatures stay mild. few high clouds tuesday. chance of rain coming our way on wednesday. lingers through thanksgiving day and should be over by friday but notice the temperatures drop back to dry and mild. so trying to make more out of this system than it is right now. but we can be hopeful. abc 7 news is another great resource for you to follow. and live on twitter. get alerts, power outage info and weather tweets why your weather team. >> people won't have trouble getting into town for thanksgiving with t
... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. >> welcome back. you are watching al-jazerra. let's reminds you of the head lines. western powers to scale back nuclear program. some sanctions relief. israel's prime minister is calling it a historic mistake. iran has six months to prove its program is peaceful. >> hamid karzi has told tribal elders and representatives, he needs more time before signing a security agreement with the u.s. the majority recommend he does sign the packet without delay. tens of thousands of pro-and anti-government sdmron straightors have gathered in bangkok. the red and yellow shirts. they could return to power. >> fogerald tan looks at the science beyond iran's nuclear program. >> the deal on iran's nuclear program is very much rooted in science, revolving around the element uranium 99.3% of uranium 338 and 0.7% uranium 235. it's this specific uranium 235 that is fisile, meaning it can create energy and can be turned into nuclear weapons. to do so, it needs to go through a process called "enrich
a lot of analysis in the sub categories, plus six focus groups in richmond, virginia, chicago, and los angeles, and we found that john f. kennedy with the short presidency is the most admired, liked, respected, and popular president of the modern era. historians say, come on. not so much -- 1038 days, but what was interesting to me is that's the judgment of the american people. we entitled that chapter "the people's president," and so i think -- i think readers will be interested to see how kennedy is viewed and why in the assassination is a big piece of it, but so is kennedy's public image, the rhetoric stirring, the self-deprecating humor, and the io tent dis. >> guest: i have the record album of the address, and i can recite is verbatim right now. >> host: right. >> guest: when i listen to it, put it on a couple times a year, i get goose bumps when i hear it. >> host: you mentioned the nine presidents following, although, writing about reagan, there's a phrase that reaganfuls the first president not to be haunted by the guests john kennedy. do you think you agree with that? >> guest
in and then. and having shows that we're basically on korean wrapped too. that was what it is americans in los angeles because he was four weeks and weeks. with american dances i can on wheels days we had twelve to sixteen ounces. and that may be many many shows with this kind of the color you know was a lot of production the museum. i was crazy about dancing and it was terrific to do to build all those eon. new songs different kind of a ai and we have dance we would be dead disco weeded out. we did all kinds of different styles of music. it is very exciting and so on the baptism what i live in them. i guess they got tired of doing always the same things over and over thirty is. and so i decided to go more into the recycle form and chews on a kind of songs not busy on a beacon maybe more. toss the pasta is not as beautiful songs and in french and. language delays itself in two. in on love songs in the air as the roman people and wage until its end as angry as he and bennett and taking a toll on that night. once again so adding friends. ac dc if you're in a nation at independent despite a ques
in jail before he was released on bond just a little while ago. >> joining us from los angeles, lisa blum. legal analyst for nbc news and author of the forthcoming book "suspicion nation: the inside story of the trayvon martin injustice and why we are doomed to repeat it." lisa, zimmerman gets into another altercation. this one with a new girlfriend. why the enormous coverage of this guy? >> well, he's a fascinating guy. you're right. the trial absolutely divided america. it's amazing to me george zimmerman finds himself in the middle of searing, hot button issues in america. first it was race. racial profiling. stand your ground and guns. now domestic violence. >> but who cares? he's obviously a loser. the trayvon case is over. why did all three cable news networks, for instance, carry his -- the hearing of his arrest live? >> well, i think it is a fascinating story, howie. i think this is very different from some of the other high profile cases that frankly were not as newsworthy like jodi arias or casey anthony. >> jodi arias had sex. >> right. >> what's so fascinating about i
of mine down in los angeles. and in her spare time she puts together office gifts. i work with start-ups she said you know what. if you don't have time to do shopping let me do it for you. i'll ship it for free. try it on facebook with friends first. can you post on craigslist. and of all things they are getting into driving taxi cabs. >> you heard about the -- >> you see that. >> you can. >> they don't like to be called a driver. anyone can put that hat on. you have lift and uber. you know with lift when you get into the car you are supposed to fist bump. all you need to do. make sure that you have insurance and go to training. i have a friend of mine boot strapping his company. his start-up by using uber can you do it on your own schedule: after work when you are getting ready to drive home. >> how do you make the connection. >> and they connect you to an app. >> do you have to have a license or anything like that. >> that's what makes it easy. another way and make money over the holiday season. and you are traveling. and negative. and there is. my brother asked me which company to
launching in february, san francisco, boston and most recently los angeles, allowing travelers to park for free with one catch. >> the catch? someone may rent your car while you're gone. if they don't, it will just sit in a parking lot like these except you won't owe anything when you get back. if it's rented, they'll be some money waiting for you. >> reporter: flight car gets you to and from the terminal, insurance vehicles for up to a million screens renters for good driving records. they're also quick to fix the occasional uh-oh. >> they're getting it repaired for me. >> let us know if there are any questions about it. >> reporter: it's the creation of two guys not even old enough to rent from the big boys, both 19, both putting ivy league educations on hold. >> we thought it probably wasn't going to succeed, luckily we did pretty well so we decided to continue. i think by that point our parents were a little more adjusted to the idea. >> reporter: for those renting, flight car says it will save them up to 70% off normal car rentals. >> we've done just over 3500 rentals so far since
's something cooking in downtown los angeles. where the specialty of the house is second chances. >> i was homeless. >> i didn't think i was going to live passed 30. >> jessie works at the bakery. >> what are you making? >> dinner rolls for wheels on wheels. >> an estimated 45,000 gang members on the streets of l.a. or in and out of prison. >> what sort of offenses? >> attempted murders. armed robbery. >> pamela served time, too. now she serves meals at the cafe next to the bakery. >> i love coming to work every day. >> thousands of ex gang members have gotten a fresh start at home boy industry. thanks to this man. father greg boyle a priest went to work in the poorest area more than 25 years ago. did you really know what you were getting in to? >> i never said, i think i might work with gang members. i was a pastor. it was my choice was to roll up my sleeves or to stick my head in the sand. >> he chose the former what did you do with your paycheck? >> in 1992 father greg described the violence on the street to "60 minutes." >> kids get shot every day, every night. we've had shootings
" meanwhile, "the los angeles times" commenting on jerry brown seeking an unprecedented fourth term. he has solid approval ratings and a small number of challenges who are virtually unknown. the governor deflecting a question a public event third i'm aware that in november of next year there will be an election and i will be sure i will make some decision regarding that. the long term governor of california who was first elected back in 1974 and went on to serve as the mayor of oakland california and serve in other capacities. he also ran for president. the deadline for filing his next march. fromis joining us fairview, tennessee. independent line. trust him can really and hillary, the blood thirsty bimbo of benghazi, foremost fraud of fast and furious, a man who went to war with libya without even consulting with congress. he is known in history as a great constitutional shredder. he could show good faith by going over to iran and groveling at their feet like he did at the king of saudi arabia. host: the associated press for some background stars and just what led to this agreement. announ
from my editor and my agent because when it was announced on morning joe i was in los angeles and that was at 5:00 in the morning my time. i decided no, it's such incredible news. i am still kind of high if i can say that. i feel this incredible excitement about this and being part of this in being with these authors, peoples who work i admire so deeply and i'm here with them tonight at this event. it's such a privilege in such an honor so grateful to the national book foundation for recognizing my work in putting me in touch with all these incredible writers. >> your representing the west coast tonight. >> i guess so, yeah i am area that's right. george packer i think spent time on the west coast and moved there for a while but i flew from there yesterday. a little jet lag but still standing. >> wendy lower one of the five finalists for the book or this evening. can you hold up the middle for us so we came see it up close a little bit? >> i received this medal last night. we had a ceremony and we received these lovely gift bags from lavender and they wrote a beautiful citatio
celebrities. it was established in los angeles in 1964 and there was a reason for that. l. ron hubbard the founder of scientology realized that americans really do worship one thing for sure and that is celebrity. where's the capital of celebrities? hollywood so scientology has become one of the major landlords and holiday -- scientology. there was a church publication put out shortly after the founding of the church with a roster of perspective celebrities that included people like bob hope, walt disney, marlena dietrich, howard hughes some of the most famous people in the world but those are the kinds of people who they sought to use as pitchman for their new religion. celebrities did come to the church. they built a celebrity center so celebrities would feel at home there and in some of the early people that came into the church where rock hudson passed through apparently he got very upset when he was the middle of an auditing session and he needed to put more money in the parking meter and they wouldn't let him out of the room. he stormed out of never came back. gloria swanson was
the president going out on the west coast. heading up to the san francisco silicon valley area, los angeles for some fundraisers. he's had 17 in the past month. you -- your monolog last night, you called it your soliloquy. >> at least you didn't call it my swan song. >> i loved it. >> the thing that i find is washington is dysfunctional. it's broken. people keep talking about how to reform it. i've decided we need to abandon it. give it up. it's not going to work. the thing is we have to step -- washington is so irreparably broken, maybe it's time to let it live on its own. >> it's so great. it's so rich. i live there. there are construction projects in every corner. >> the only city in america that is completely recession proof while the rest of the nation's economy sputters and stutters. the economy thrives, why? because they never run out of money. >> they don't make innovative products people want to buy? >> no. they make nothing that people want, that's just it. they make -- they spend $634 million building a website that doesn't work. this week we commemorated john f. kennedy's assass
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